Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best Hautelook Sale ever!

This past Monday, Hautelook had another Rebecca Minkoff sale! I got the email the night before and I don't know if it was because I purchased a Rebecca Minkoff satchel back in November. I was thinking to myself, I don't have money, but I probably won't see another RM sale on Hautelook in another 3 or 4 months, so I set my alarm to get on the website when they launch the products at 8am and grab a bag as fast as I can.

If you've never been on Hautelook before, it is a membership shopping site where they feature designer brands and sell them for up to 75% off! More popular brands such as Calvin Klein, American Apparel, Urban Decay, TheBalm and Rebecca Minkoff are on demand and products sell out quickly!

And if you have been on Hautelook before, you know what I mean when I said I have to set my alarm to be awake and on the website before 8am!

Honestly, my experience with hunting for MAC clutches that morning was brutal! 2-3 minutes in, after quickly browsing through all the ones on sale, almost all of the MAC clutches were all on hold!! I was slightly disappointed, but I didn't give up! I had a technique to view the products with "Quick Look" and filter to just look at the clutches so I can flip through them quickly and see which one I can snatch!

After 30 minutes, I rotated about 5 different MAC clutches before I snatched the one I wanted! I got a hold of a white one, a rose gold snake-skin one (which was more expensive than the rest of them), a red snake one (which was something I wouldn't wear personally), a leopard print one (which was tacky in my opinion), and a grey one.

Like my friend, Fallon, I thought of grabbing a neutral clutch to wear for every day, but I felt like I have a lot of purses and bags that were neutral already, and knowing me, I like having a pop of color in my outfits all year round anyways. I wanted to add another colorful MAC clutch to add to my collection. I really wanted the orange Bombe MAC bag, but I snatched the NEXT BEST THING-- the red MAC, which looked more of a dirty hot pink color.

I love how big and spacious this clutch is compared to the cobalt blue MAC Mini that I have. It can actually fit my iPad, which is perfect for when I travel or when I go to a cafe to read or whatnot because I can carry my iPad around!

I was so happy when I found out they shipped them out yesterday and came in the mail this morning! Ah! I can't wait for another big sale on Hautelook! It is honestly bad for my wallet, but I just love the goodies they have on that website and the deals that I get!

If you haven't signed up for Hautelook, do it NOW:

FTC: The product I mentioned in this blog post is purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored or affiliated with Hautelook.

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