Thursday, April 12, 2012

MAC Très Cheek Blush Collection

I don't think I've ever gotten excited about blushes since I swatched all the NARS permanent blushes in Sephora during the Summer of 2010! And I think I went a little too insane with this new blush collection from MAC. Ugh, why must I do this to myself? Hahaa.

From the website, the collection is described as "Blush as vibrantly, softly, or hip as you dare in shades that reflect your mood, style and skin tone. Six new limited edition Blush Powders in red-orange, peach, pink and lavender that are seamlessly sheer, and stay as bright on the skin as they are in palette". I only got 4/6 blushes, the ones that are most talked about in other beauty blogs and the ones that seemed flattering for my skin tone. And mind you, they are quite pigmented and I am so excited to rock them this spring and the upcoming summer!!!

Top L-R: Peony Petal, Immortal Flower / Bottom L-R: Modern Mandarin, Lovecloud

Now all of these have satin finishes, which mean that they apply pretty matte with a subtle sheen. I have been pretty disappointed with past blushes that MAC has come up with in their limited edition collections. They were either hard to blend or just not as pigmented as these ones.

So here are the blushes that I got.
Modern Mandarin is a bright orange blush. It looks amazing on warmer and medium to tan to darker skin tones. I love how this applies on my skin. I am currently in love with orange (haha as is everyone)! Pantone did say it was the Color of the Year and I can imagine why! I love how this can just give me the right JLo glow. This is pigmented with the first application, so if you're lighter, you should apply with a light hand. See my What Rhymes with Orange makeup look to see how it applies on my face.

Peony Petal is a a blue-based pink blush. This is a perfect babydoll candy pink! It reminds me of NARS Gaiety Blush that came out early in January this year. Dior's Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in 001 is similar, but matte and more sheer. This blush is also one of the more pigmented ones! I was pretty heavyhanded with this on my Edgy Emerald makeup look (only because I didn't know if the camera was gonna wash my makeup off when I took pictures). This is a blush that is good for every skin tone because it's not blue enough that warm skin tones can't rock it.

Immortal Flower is a coral blush. I would say this blush is the least pigmented out of the blushes that I purchased. It is buildable and gives a good color payoff. This blush is one of those blushes that can be applied effortlessly. You can apply this blush heavily without it looking too overdone.

Lovecloud is a warmer based pink blush. The blush reminds me of Tarte's Dollface blush (which I don't own, but have swatched many times at Sephora but never got the guts to purchase it or any of the Amazonian Clay blushes). ELF Tickled Pink is similar, but is more matte and chalky. I think this one was the blush that sold out first (or at least from what I have been hearing). Definitely a flattering blush to wear for spring and summer.

L-R: Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal, Immortal Flower, Lovecloud

L-R: Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal, Immortal Flower, Lovecloud

L-R: Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal, Immortal Flower, Lovecloud

L-R: Lovecloud, Peony Petal, Modern Mandarin, Immortal Flower

I hope this review is helpful and I hope that this entices you to grab yourself these blushes before they're gone! I recommend these blushes that I purchased and they look flattering for spring and summer! They retail for $20 USD. I believe these are sold out on the MAC website, but may still be available at your local MAC counter! They are available at Macy's and Nordstrom online so grab them NOW!

FTC: All the products I mentioned in this blog post are purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored or affiliated with MAC.


  1. omg how gorgeous ! I need to add this to my collection! this blushes seems like they already have highlight in them; and its true; they look really pigmented !
    thanks for sharing(:

    1. Some of them actually look pretty matte on the face when applied, and they don't have a very strong sheen, as do other MAC satin blushes. GO GET THEM NOW! LOL they're still probably all in stock at macys and nordstrom online if not your local counter