Saturday, August 4, 2012

Julie G by Jessie's Girl "9-to-5"

I am so excited to show you this really pretty sorbet pastel colored nail polish that I just adore!!! JulieG713 on YouTube partnered up with Jessie's Girl and created her own nail polish line that sells at Rite Aid for $3.99! And for nail polish, that is extremely cheap! And you might even find coupons and discounts for stuff at Rite Aid if you're lucky!

So yesterday, I went to the mall with the intentions of buying some necessities and also to check out some nail polishes. But I really can't get myself to buy $18 or $26 nail polish. In all honesty, the formula of high end polishes may be great, but I'm the type of girl who changes her nail polish as often as 2-3x a week. And if you look at my nail polishes, a lot of them I don't even finish and they just end up sitting there, gather dust and go old and nasty because I always find new polishes . So for me, that's wasting product and wasting money. At least with high end makeup, and makeup in general, I make use of them (via me and clients) and find ways to keep their shelf life a lot longer.

Okay enough with the spiel. I went to Rite Aid right after and grabbed some Julie G nail polishes that caught my eye and test how they perform on my nails. One of them was this 9-to-5 shade! Such a pretty color! 

In terms of the formula, it does apply sheer on the nails (I had to apply 3 coats to get this opacity) but with how beautiful and unique this color is, I am willing to make the sacrifice! I could already tell that the quality is cheap and quite worth what I paid for, but honestly, I have Essie polishes and have swatched Chanel, Illamasqua and Dior polishes that apply as sheer as this! So really, a hit or miss with any kind of nail polish. I also noticed that it does chip very quickly, which is normal for me because I do play the piano.

This is such a great color, especially on darker and warmer skin tones and looks so great and flattering on the toes! I commend Julie G for designing the colors and giving them such cute names! 

Would you pick this nail polish up?

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