Sunday, September 23, 2012

Urban Decay Vice Palette + GIVEAWAY!

Urban Decay Vice Palette is the new limited edition palette for the Holiday 2012 and I must say I am incredibly excited to show this palette to you all! This palette has 20 BRAND NEW SHADES that no one has seen before!

I have to admit, I was very disappointed with the Book of Shadows that came out last year because the colors were, honestly, crap. One thing I don't like about some Urban Decay shadows, in general, is the incredible amount of fallout and the glitter chunks that are very gritty and hard to work with. The NAKED 1 and 2 were probably the best palettes I own that are from them and I've been waiting for a palette that'll wow me. This was the palette! I was just incredibly shocked by just swatching them alone because the formulation is great!

Let me just say that this palette is one of their better packaged palettes (besides the NAKED 2 and other palettes as of late) because it's compact and not made of cardboard like most. It's very easy to open, the packaging is very durable, and it has a full working mirror that actually works and can stand on it's own, so it's perfect for travel!

The palette comes with a brush that is double ended with the Good Karma crease and shadow brushes. I like these brushes because they're synthetic and great for packing on color, and because they're two-in-one, again, it's great for traveling! 

Good Karma Crease and Shadow double-ended Brush

The colors have a mix of satins, frosts and mattes, which is very rare for Urban Decay because they are usually lacking on the satins and mattes side of the spectrum in their palettes. As well, this palette has a good mix of bright colors and neutral colors that is perfect for traveling (very Vegas friendly, I tell you) The only thing I don't like about this palette is probably how there are only two matte colors. I would like to see a highlighting and a deeper matte shade just like the NAKED 2 has because the matte colors are both transition shades to me.

In general, I liked the shadows except for two odd ones that didn't seem to belong in terms of pigmentation and formulation. Jagged was so hard to work with. The glitter was gritty and chunky and did not glide on smoothly like the rest. I have not tried this shadow wet yet, so maybe it'll change my mind when I figure out a way to work with this. Provocateur was another gritty shadow that I didn't like. Although it performed better than Jagged, it still had plenty of fallout compared to others.

I have heard people comparing this to the 15th Anniversary Palette, which I don't have for myself, unfortunately, but I won't say you should completely skip this. There are colors and finishes that are definitely different from that palette. Plus, these are all new shadows, and who wouldn't want new ones? :)

L-R: Desperation, Muse, Jagged, Blitz, Penny Lane

L-R: Junkie, Chaos, Occupy, Unhinged, Black Market

L-R: Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, Armor

L-R: Nevermind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Freebird, Laced

This palette retails for $59 USD and is now available on, and in select Macy's (only ones that carry Urban Decay. This palette comes out at Sephora and Ulta this Thursday, September 27, 2012.

And did I mention I was having an INTERNATIONAL INSTAGRAM giveaway on this palette? All you gotta do is follow me (@naohms), repost this photo on your profile and tag me (@naohms) and tag #naohmsgiveaway, and have a public profile! THE REST OF THE RULES ARE ALL ON MY INSTAGRAM and contest ends right when it strikes midnight on September 30, 2012.


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