Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My New Best Friend!!! (Chanel Pureté Idéale Sérum)

There are only three major reasons I would make a big splurge on a beauty product: either I've tried samples, I've heard consistent positive reviews, or I just see immediate results that I can't seem to put it down! And Chanel Pureté Idéale Sérum has Reason #3 written all over it, and I'm so excited to tell you all about it! I know I promised my friend, Melissa, I would wait until this weekend to post it just so I have had a good use out of it and make sure my face doesn't react to it or whatever, but I just can't contain how much I love this product anymore!

I know I've had this Chanel kick going on the past few weeks. Every time I walk by my go-to Chanel counter, I keep discovering products that are just game-changers in my beauty regimen! And I am really starting to believe that Chanel is becoming my new favorite cosmetics brand!

Let me just say, before you continue reading this, that what I'm about to talk about is my first impression on the product, and this may or may not change depending on how my skin reacts to this. I have only used this product five times, so I will have an update later on (my 28-day mark).

Chanel Pureté Idéale Sérum is described as "This daily serum is targeted specifically for skin with excess sebum. Lightweight and oil-free, it absorbs rapidly to instantly refine skin texture -- eliminating dead cells and tightening pores -- and soften the appearance of imperfections. Helps balance oil production for a long-lasting matte finish."

First of all, let me talk about the packaging. The product comes in an airless pump, which means that you can get pretty much every single drop from this bottle, so you know you're getting every single dollar from it. It comes in this cool minty green color, but is white when pumped out (you can't really tell the green tinge to it). It also comes in this matte frosted bottle, which looks very simple, yet still luxe.

I never even intended to purchase this when I went into my local Bloomingdales. I only wanted to purchase the new Le Volume de Chanel and a lighter Perfection Lumiere foundation. But my SA tried this on me and I was immediately in love!! I emphasize that word with confidence! It does pretty much what the description says. I have a very oily face and enlarged pores, and within seconds, I see my face mattifying and seeing my pores minimizing. I'm normally a person to just ask for a buttload of samples so I can try it at home before purchasing the full size, but I just COULD NOT put the bottle down! It costed a whopping $75 for a 1 oz bottle but I kept telling her that "I have to have it!" And Naomi was a failure in trying to "not spend" until Black Friday. -__-

The website does instruct to use this day and night underneath all daily skin care products, but I apply this only in the morning as a primer before foundation. You all know that my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is my holy grail foundation because of how well it stays put with all the oil that my face is producing, but this product just makes my foundation hold up a million times better! I also put some of this serum into an empty pot so I can put it in my makeup bag for when I want to touch up. Although the PIS + VLA = amazeballs flawless face all day, my nose still gets a tad dewy. I prefer a matte look, so even the teeniest amount of oil bothers me. My nose area doesn't produce as much oil as it usually does without the PIS, but when it does, I just pat the PIS onto my nose area, and BAM! Back to a matte face like I had just put makeup on!

I have sensitive skin and have mild rosacea and I have not broken out or gotten an allergic reaction (knocking on wood) from this so far, so I am hoping that it doesn't ever happen. I also don't see clogged pores or an increase in whiteheads or blackheads on my T area. It is oil-free.

Another mattifier I've used in the past is the MAC Mattifying Creme, and it works to mattify the face, but it did break me out.

I don't know how this works as a serum nor have I seen long-term results, but I shall update you all once I have gotten a good thorough use of the product.

If you have incredibly oily skin like me and you're looking for a product that works for oil control, this might be your cup of tea. It is a pricey product, but to me it's worth every single cent! If you do find my first impression review convincing enough, I suggest to get a sample of this product first before you make a splurge. Keep in mind, however that this product is not paraben free, so if you're allergic or reactive to parabens, or just against using products with parabens, then you should definitely skip this product. Also, I know a lot of people are sensitive to fragrance or just trying new skin care products in general. And everyone reacts to beauty products differently.

My new miracle in a bottle retails for $75 at your local Chanel cosmetics counters and boutiques, as well as department stores online.

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