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House of Lashes "Noir Fairy" and "Temptress" lashes

I know I made a first impressions review on the famous "Noir Fairy" lashes on my Instagram a while back, and now I just wanted to come back and tell you all how I felt about it after I had used one pair to its max capacity, and also share with you all my thoughts on another new favorite of mine, the "Temptress" lashes.

Noir Fairy lashes

Temptress lashes

Let me just begin with their customer service.

I bought my Noir Fairy 3-pack and my package came in within 3 business days. I was so excited to try them on that when I took out the lashes, part of the lash came apart from the lash band! Immediately, I got a little frustrated because these were the lashes that everyone had been talking about and for me to have a defective one was just not a good sign for me already. I realized that the glue that holds the lashes in place on the casing was really strong when normally the glue should only be on the two ends and middle of the band.

Anyway, I emailed their customer service email, and immediately got a response from the owner, Jenn, promising to replace my lashes, free of charge. I was so surprised by how fast she responded and how personable she was by making sure she got all of her emails at real time because she responded to me through mobile email. I got my replacement within 2 business days with a note apologizing for the defective pair. This is what I like about quality customer service. A quick response, and building relationships with their customers.

The Noir Fairy is described as "this amazing multi-layered and multi-tiered lash style is packed with as much density as the eye can hold. Noir Fairy makes your lashes the focal point and draws attention so much to your eyes, that you might be remembered as unearthly, supernatural and awesomely sublime!"

I just adore how incredibly dense and lush these are and how they really made my eyes the "focal point" of my face just like they described. These are perfect for going out and for special occasions! For its density, I didn't find them as heavy as other full lashes like the Katy Perry lashes or Ardell double ups, so I don't get droopy eyes! They sit fairly comfortably on my lash line as long as they are trimmed to the length of your lash line (which is pretty much a rule of thumb when using falsies). These lashes are full and layered so that they still look like your lashes but amplifiedx1000 as opposed to just straight fake lashes.

I have used one pair to its max capacity and I got to use it up to 14 times. I would use it probably a couple more times if I was a little more careful with how I took off the glue.

The only problem I have with these lashes is the band. I wish it was a little thinner so I could wear these alone with no visible band. I also hoped it would be a little easier to bend and shape so that application comes easier. As well, since this pair is multi-layered, it was really difficult to take the glue out without tampering with the band stitching. You have to be very meticulous and careful with what you're picking out because it might not be the lash glue you had put on.

Now, Naomi, is it worth the $16? 100%, YES! By just how many compliments I get using these lashes and how they make my eyes look, I just fell in love! It's not a pair I can find a dupe of anywhere else! Most importantly, I'm one who values quality over quantity. I'm not saying that you should purchase every designer or famous name brand out there, but for me, I would rather splurge on a one-of-a-kind pair that you can use tons of times as opposed to spending $2-5 on a pair that you can use only once or twice. If you really do the math, what's more worth your money?

The Noir Fairy is made with cruelty-free synthetic hair and each lash is handcrafted.

The Temptress "redefines the word 'wispy' for lashes, by tripling hair volume, and doubling length. This style can be cut and altered any way you desire, and when subtly curled, it can help you take any man’s breath away. You can even add a little mascara when you’re ready to make an even bolder move."

Wispies are my favorite kind of lashes because they just make my eyes look very doll-like and just open my eyes up like a dream! And this pair does just that! I like how the length of the band was short enough for my small eyes that I didn't have to trim it to fit my eyes. And it is so light on my eyes! Normally wispies weigh my eyes down because of the length of the hairs, but these just have enough length and volume that my eyes are comfortable. The lashes also spread outward, so it makes my eyes look even more awake and gives that lash extension-look. This pair is like my own lashes, but fuller (like they added more lashes onto my own lashes) and longer! It's safe enough to wear during day time without looking overdone, but it can still compliment a nice dramatic eye for the nighttime. I love how the band is invisible because it's easier for me to wear without eyeliner. As well, the band is flexible and the glue is extremely easy to remove.

So far, I've used this pair for 6 times and it still looks just as good as when I had first put them on. So, you know I have used it up for what it's worth and it is still wearable! I do not recommend using mascara for any kind of lashes if you want your lashes to last a long time. I do suggest using mascara on your own lashes before putting your falsies on. I shall update this once I have worn them out.

The Temptress is handcrafted using 100% human hair.

All House of Lashes products can be purchased at The "Noir Fairy" lashes retail for $16/pair and $44/3-pack. The "Temptress" lashes retail for $9/pair and $22/3-pack. They ship from Southern California and do ship worldwide.

Makeup looks with these lashes can be found on my Instagram (@naohms).

Disclaimer: The "Temptress" lashes were sent to me by House of Lashes with no obligation to review or advertise in any way. All my thoughts on these lashes are my own, and I was not paid by the company to review these products in any way.

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  1. Just got a pair! Can't wait to try. I also got the fem fatale and the cute Lil holder