Tuesday, February 7, 2012

90s Sweaters and Hella Pinks

After I found my little sister's old dress in my closet, I also found little treasures that she left behind when she left for college. One of them was this old 90s sweater handed down to her by my mom's friend. Since it was a rainy day, I thought I'd pull together something warm and cozy.

I love how it's bright and how it kind of gave me a little bit of color in this gloomy day. I paired it with a sleeveless collared shirt from Gap and just used it as an accessory to complement the shape.

Obvi, it was so traffic on my way to work, so I had this lovely photoshoot in my car with my iPhone. I'm just wearing a pair of jeggings and my all-time favorite over-the-knee brown leather boots from Bakers. I love these boots so much! They're so comfortable and it goes well with a lot of things. I think I've overworn them though, and I'm going to need a new pair pretty soon.

For jewelry, I'm wearing the Sabertooth ring from Jewelmint and my Michael Kors rose gold watch that I got over Christmas time. 

Then I topped the outfit with a casual four-strand side braid. It looked complicated when I saw it on someone, but it's really fairly easy to recreate. Also, I'm wearing the MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick from the new Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection, which is btw, available online at MAC and Nordstrom. I will have a future haul and review/swatches of the few things I got from the collection.

Later on that morning, I went to Burbank. Knowing that I would be going the longer route for work, I knew the traffic paid off because I finally got to pick up the Trey Songz tickets that I won from POWER 106 for his February 17 Anticipation Tour! I am so excited I get to spend it with the love of my life. aka my best friend. AND YES to baby making music!!! 

I keep making new blogs and never actually keep up with it. Hopefully I keep up with the high demands of blogging and share with you all what I love most. Hopefully, I'll figure out a way to get some traffic going on this blog and share my peculiar self to the world!


  1. the sweater looks gorgeous :) and you're such a beaut!



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