Friday, March 2, 2012

First Impressions: MAC Chenman Love and Water

I swear I have a thing for bright coral and pink lipsticks! I don't know what it is about them, but I just love collecting them! Anyways, the MAC Chenman Love and Water collection released yesterday at the stores, and I was glad to pick up one of the lipsticks from the collection.

I didn't really care too much for the whole collection because a lot of them were permanent and I was never a fan of the mineralized eyeshadows. I only picked up the Force of Love lipstick because it's a great spring color! Budding Love barely showed up on my lips and I felt like Up the Amp (which is a permanent shade) would be a better dupe for it since I have such pigmented lips and Budding Love was a lustre.

Force of Love is described as a vivid honeysuckle pink, and that is EXACTLY what it is. It is vivid and it has a good hint of coral and pink.

Anyways, I also did not want to review this product because I still have the Shop MAC Cook MAC lipsticks to review, and I felt like Force of Love was very similar to Watch Me Simmer! But you're probably wondering, Naomi, why the heck would you even pick it up if it's similar to what you already have? Haha, honestly, I don't know. It's probably the packaging and the fact that MAC collaborated with an Asian fashion photographer!

There are a few differences between the two. First is the finish, which is probably the most obvious. Force of Love is a matte and Watch Me Simmer is an amplified finish. The pigmentation is very good since most matte's are anyway. Another difference is that Force of Love is a touch more pink than Watch Me Simmer, which is more coral.

Swatches: (L-R) Indoor Fluorescent Lighting, Natural Outdoor Lighting

I guess that wraps up my thoughts on this lipstick. It's not much, but I thought I'd share this with you all. If you are interested in picking this up, it's available on MAC stores and counters NOW at $14.50 USD!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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