Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mixing Prints

Hi everyone! I have another outfit post for you all!

I have always been scared of mixing prints. I got these printed pants a few of months ago, and it's been really hard finding a few pieces to pair with them. It's easy to pair it with solid black or white. Recently, I was on Camille Co's blog, and she posted an outfit about mixing prints (check her out, her outfits are pretty cool!). 

Blazer - Cotton On / Striped Tank top - Urban Outfitters

Anyways, she mentioned that one way to warm up to mixing prints is to pair it up with prints that have the same color scheme. In this case, I used a striped black and grey tank top and I was so happy it came together pretty well!

Printed Pants - Forever 21 / Statement necklace - Forever 21

Then I just added a pop of pink for my blazer and my clutch bag. I didn't know want to wear too many neutral pieces.

Ivory Glitter Toms - Toms

Watch - Michael Kors / Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

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