Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cool Colors on a Warm Day

One way to cool down the warm weather during the summer is to incorporate cool colors and sheer textures to your clothing. Anything that resembles the breeze, the ocean and the air can give the illusion that these cool elements are present.

Here is a casual outfit that I put together yesterday for running errands and movies with my friend in the beach cities close to where I live.

Mint Sheer Tank Top - flea market

Since the sheer tank is longer in the back, I just framed it more by tucking in the front to show my shorts and accentuate the length of the tank top. It also makes the top flow more. I couldn't take a shot of the back of my tank top (which have cutouts) because my DSLR's charger is broken :/. I just paired it with a Jewelmint necklace as my statement piece and contrast the mint top with something warmer.

Shorts - Kohls // Necklace - Jewelmint

Undershirt: Forever 21 pink striped tube top

Are you ready for the summer? Because I am!

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