Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MAC Beth Ditto Dear Diary Prolongwear Lip Creme

My apologies in advance for having my review too late (since it is probably sold out everywhere now!), but I just wanted to share you all my thoughts on this!

Anyways, I wasn't really intrigued to get anything from the MAC Beth Ditto collection. I saw swatches of the products from other beauty bloggers, but I wasn't too excited for anything but the two lip colors! I went to my local MAC counter and they didn't even have the collection out until I asked for them (that's when you know I'm a MAC fiend!). I swatched and tried the colors and I ended up just getting the Dear Diary prolongwear lip creme, which sold out quick (and I'll tell you why in a bit).

I have never owned a prolongwear lip creme before but I'm glad I picked one up this time around because the formula is great! It has the same MAC signature vanilla scent and the formulation is creamy like their satin and amplified finish lipsticks. These do last on my lips for about 7 hours before it starts to get patchy and break apart, which is pretty good in my opinion. I am a fan! I am definitely going to try more prolongwear lipsticks from now on!

In terms of packaging, it comes in a matte tube that is cylindrical and the product inside is slanted, which makes it easier to apply the product.

Dear Diary is a "bright neon pink" that is cool-toned. It is a bright fuschia pink. First thing I noticed when I got this was. Candy Yum Yum! In a prolongwear lip creme form. Although I know this lipstick will definitely come out again, I could not wait! When MAC Candy Yum Yum came out, I was still in my nude and nudey pink lipstick phase that I didn't want to dare try bright lipsticks. And now I regret not owning that lipstick! Thank the Lord that Dear Diary came out!  MAC Quick Sizzle is a tad darker and warmer. MAC Show Orchid is another one in the same color range, but it is definitely darker and more purple. 

This color is so beautiful and perfect for summer! I honestly cannot believe how I've come a long way with being more adventurous with my makeup.

Another lipstick I wanted to get was Booyah! which is a bright orange, so I probably will come back for that as well.

This retails for $17 and you probably will get lucky to find this at your local MAC counter!