Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis in Malice (nail polish)

I've always been hesitant in purchasing high end nail polish. This is because I have never finished a bottle (besides base and top coats) and they get old and hard to work with after some time, while makeup can still last beyond its marketed timeline as long as you store and sanitize it properly.

And guess who gave in.

This is my first Chanel nail polish and I don't regret saying that I absolutely love it and that I am glad I bought it!

Malice is a shiny wine-red color with ruby red shimmer. The shimmer in this polish is so fine that you have to look very close to see it, while a lot of other polishes I've owned have shimmer that's very gritty and difficult to take off. This was almost opaque with one coat. I used two coats to get the true opacity of this nail polish.

Chanel really can justify the hefty price tag on these nail polishes. Though not all are completely opaque with one or two coats, these truly prove to last long on the nails. Mine lasted a week with very minimal chipping on the tips of my nails but this is without a base coat. I even applied this polish on my mom that I might actually buy her one for Christmas because it's such a wearable and age-friendly shade. Plus, it's so appropriate for the holidays! It's trendy and festive!

I don't ever regret paying this much for a nail polish. I swear, Chanel is becoming my favorite beauty brand and I can't wait to discover more of what this brand has to offer!

This polish retails for $26 at any Chanel cosmetics counter or boutique.

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