Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Bangs!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So a little update from me. Sorry I can't get these Shop MAC Cook MAC reviews up yet because I've been busy! Anyways, as you can see from my title, you already know that I got a haircut yesterday. I got bangs again!

I've always liked straight bangs on me. I feel like it frames my face better. Quite a few people I know have been getting bangs lately, and I got myself to finally do it until I saw Taylor Swift's hair at the Grammy's on Sunday! When she performed and had her hair straight and down, OH MY! That seriously sealed the deal for me!

Here's Taylor Swift's hair from her performance and the Grammys:

Image Source: Getty ImagesMail Online

Here's what my new hair looks like: 

I hope you all like my new hair as much as I am!

So I heard it's Valentine's Day today. LOL. All I know is that today, my parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and I am so blessed to have them both in my life. They are a living example of what true love and true marriage is, and frankly, I would love to have a marriage like theirs one day. I'm not one to celebrate Valentine's Day with my significant other just because I believe I should show someone that I love him every single day of the year, which I hope I have. I am seeing Trey Songz and Big Sean in concert on Friday with my best friend. So excited!! Whether you're celebrating it or not, I hope you all had a great Tuesday!

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