Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo Blog: My Birthday Weekend!

Hey everyone! Sorry if I haven't been posting for like almost 3 weeks! I've been just all over the place, dealing with things and haven't been on the computer much.

Anyways, today is my birthday! Yay I'm 23! Not really excited to get any much older. And I guess I just wanted to blog about the past few days since it was pretty eventful.

So a few days ago, I flew to go see my little sister in Norcal. I got to meet some of her friends and watched her study for finals. Well, not really. I was watching One Tree Hill and the Little Mermaid. Haha. She and her big even made late night dinner for us.

It was so good! I love home cooked meals! Weird how my sister and her friends didn't get fast food, though. That's what I would do, at least. The next day, I just did her laundry and watched tv while I waited for her to finish her finals. And got a little excited with dressing up for no reason.

Sheer Calvin Klein Top - Phanuel black lace bandeau

Forever 21 pants - Ivory white glitter Toms

Anyways, after her finals, she and I went to go eat at Davis Sushi Buffet and it was so much fun to grab rolls from sushi boats!

I love sushi and I felt like I was in sushi heaven! I felt defeated and unprepared right after bc it was just so much food! Plus, we had to leave soon to get to Fresno in time for the Hunger Games premiere.

I came into the theatre so ecstatic and pumped and came out very disappointed. I read the book, and I didn't feel like the events in the movie built up for me like how it did in the book. I understand that it was a pretty long movie, and for that amount of time, the chronology was right on, but they left out details that I felt were pretty important. Jennifer Lawrence, the girl who played Katniss, didn't show the emotions I felt while she was narrating it in the book. I guess I'm just being too harsh and expected so much from the movie. WOMP. Maybe I will go see it again just to see if it'll change my mind.

But I did LOVE the Capitol make up looks and I definitely want to recreate those looks for my blog! Effie Trinkett's makeup looks were so colorful! Her looks remind me so much of what Leesha from xSparkage would do!

Anyways, the next day, before my sister and I left to drive back home in LA, we went to go see our new baby niece, Kayla. She was so adorable!!!! I heard from my cousins and aunt and uncle that she was a happy baby, and I was so excited to meet her!

And look at those lashes! They're so long! She is gonna love them when she starts getting into makeup! Haha, and guess who'll be her influence? *smirk face*

Today, on my birthday, my sister and I went thrifting on Melrose. We went to Jetrag, American Vintage, Crossroads and Wasteland. It is so overwhelming to go thrifting, especially when you want to get the best deal possible!

My sister trying on these JC Stingers

Anyways, I got a faux fur coat from Jetrag, a maxi skirt, a button up and a cut out long sleeve shirt from Crossroads. I wanted to get more from Wasteland, but it was so pricey! They sell a lot of designer clothing. I have a feeling I will be going back there though.

So before heading home, we stopped by 'Lette to get some macarons. I got 6 different ones to try which one I liked best. I love them all so far, so I might come back for more!!! Not sure if I prefer these over Bottega Louie's macarons yet.

That night, my family and I went to Shinsengumi Shabu Shabu by our house. It was our first time there and the service was awesome! The waiters were so nice and cool! We tried the shabu shabu and the hibachi, which was the one where we grill the meat over charcoal. It was so good! I will definitely come back! They also did this thing where they turned off all the lights and sang to me with a candle on my creme brulee! So cute!

Definitely had a very eventful birthday, and it definitely does not stop here. I can't wait to celebrate it with my friends this coming weekend because it is also my good friend's birthday today too!

Okay, signing off now. Sorry for the long post. Since I was gone for so long, I figured I'd make it up to you all!

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