Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Birthday Presents!

Hi everyone!

So I guess this is like an attachment to my birthday post since I got these presents really late. I am just so grateful for friends and family who care about me. Anyways, I was just really excited about these presents, so I thought I'd share them with you all! I didn't really get much. It was mostly me treating myself. I guess as you get older, presents don't come in double digits anymore. LOL. Maybe one year.

My awesome sister was so kind to give me my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Booties!!!! I am so ecstatic to wear this everywhere now! And I can style this on my blog.. even better!!

These are the Lita Mac Booties and they're limited edition boots, I guess. It's just fun bc of the lace detailing and that it's white.

My mom also bought me this 24-Hour Fitness 2 year pass so I can go to the gym more regularly and get motivated to tone up for the summer! I am so stoked to go back to my homeland in July to see my family and friends. And also keep my body toned in time for Hawaii!!

Anyways, that's it. Keep checking my blog for future style posts! It's getting warmer and warmer, so I'm definitely more keen to wearing my new spring clothes.


  1. I so jealous!! Haha, it's very pretty ^__^ Do you know your sister brought them from? They don't look very high, which is something I look for in heels. (I'm ever so horrible walking around in them. My balance is the worst). Oh, and I am absolutely loving your blog btw.

    1. my sister bought this at a boutique in manhattan beach. the best way to get a hold of JC's are probably at or

      These are really comfortable to wear. I know they look intimidating, but since the platform is so high, your heel really isnt that high for you.

      and thanks for stopping by my blog. glad you love it!