Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Crew Highlight Powder

Just like in every MAC collection that they put out, I have to try out every product before I actually buy them. Since MAC products tend to get more and more expensive every year (especially with the special packaging), I have to make sure that I am buying pieces that are worth my money. The products that I purchased in this collection were the ones I felt represented the collection well, and Crew did just that. 

Crew Highlight Powder is described as a "soft peachy cream with fine shimmer" highlight. This was actually a pretty interesting product because it didn't look like a highlight when I swatched it multiple times on multiple trips. The pigmentation was more of a blush and the claimed "shimmer" was barely a sheen as MAC's satin blushes. Crew actually is slightly buildable, but is more of a flush of color on the cheeks. The first look into this product, I immediately thought of Benefit Hervana. They have the same hues of pink, orange and purple. I don't have the swatch to show you the similarities, but I might have one in the future.

As well, I also swatched Launch Away! blush from this collection and that made me disappointed with MAC for releasing a blush VERY close to Crew. I have a swatch below showing them side by side. Launch Away! is just a tad lighter and cooler than Crew, but is pretty much the same thing. The only thing that's probably different is the staying power of the blush than the powder. You definitely don't need both, so if Crew sells out at your local counters, Launch Away! is your closest dupe from this collection.

I was stuck with this dilemma when I swatched the two. But since I am getting 10g of product from Crew, I decided to get this instead of the blush. Besides, the packaging is so pretty!

Can I just say that I LOVE this packaging! This was probably the most well put-together piece of the collection because of the striped theme was done on the product itself rather than the actual compact. A lot of people might wonder if the pink, purple and orange stripes are overspray. Well, quite the contrary! The beige background is actually the overspray. And since the product is more of a blush than a highlight, it's actually good because the color payoff is excellent! 

Christine from Temptalia did a really good excavation of the product (as seen here) where you can see what will happen after having to use this product for a while! I couldn't dare do this to mine until I get my backup of Crew for collecting purposes. Haha, collector's problems, eh?

Close-up of Crew Highlight Powder

Crew swatch swirled together next to Launch Away! blush

This beautiful product is available online for $29 USD at Macy'sNordstrom and your local counter. But hurry, most counters probably are sold out of this product as it is one of the more popular things from this collection.

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