Saturday, November 3, 2012

Guerlain Orgueil Rouge G L'Extrait

I have been meaning to try Guerlain lip products in ages and never got around to them until now because when it comes to choosing a color, I'm really indecisive. Unlike MAC, there aren't a lot of bloggers out there that I know who review or swatch high end products like this. It can get a bit overwhelming. Whereas with MAC, you can pretty much Google swatches of any lipstick they have in their permanent and limited lines. 

Anyways, some of you may already know that I am obsessing over vampy and red lipsticks for fall. If you all didn't know yet, MAC Media lipstick and Currant lipliner are my favorites to create that my go-to vampy lip for fall; I also love a lot of the red lipsticks I have been accumulating over the past year.

But I am so excited to show you all something that is probably starting to kick my favorite fall lip combo off the #1 spot!

Let's start with the packaging. When I first took it out of a box, I immediately had a dumb girl moment. I literally asked myself how I was going to open this even though the instructions were taped on the product. It is very heavy and bulky, and you can scratch this easily, so it's not ideal for traveling. However, it does come with a functional mirror that you can actually utilize when you need to touch up. I guess it's something that works for a dinner or a night out in the town where you could throw this into your purse and have it add on as an accessory. How I opened it was pull the top and unscrew it to get to the product.

Orgueil is such an interesting color. It can appear different shades in artificial lighting and natural daylight, which was something that I liked about it. When I opened it first the night I got my Sephora package, I thought it was more of a deep red. I even told my friend Alex that it was a red shade! Nope, it is definitely more complex than that. It's a red that has hints of a berry undertone in it with the tiniest specks of red that give it that satin finish. 

In terms of the formula, I am just in love! A lot of liquid lipsticks tend to feel really tacky on the lips to the point where it's uncomfortable to even move your lips around and your friends notice that your lipstick is bothering you. This definitely is comfortable on the lips from when I put it on up to the time that I take it off. It does feel like you have product on your lips, but it's not heavy nor sticky. I wore this for the first time on Friday and I wore it from 11AM and didn't reapply until 7PM, so staying power is not a problem. And during that time, my lips did not feel tugged or dry at all! This liquid lipstick does transfer so it's not one of those formulas that adhere to your lips once put on. What I also love about this product is that it the finish is not glossy. I'm more of a satin or matte finish kind of girl when it comes to darker lips because I don't like want my lip color to move around. This definitely stays put on the lips and I had no problems with bleeding or even feeling the need to use a lip liner. A little goes a long way for this lipstick and I am so glad I made this splurge!

Now, why is this becoming my go-to fall lip? It's a great middle ground between a vampy lip and a red lip, especially for those people who are still afraid to rock an overly vampy lip. It has enough of red and berry undertones to make someone who wants to ease their way into experimenting with a dark lip and still look bold using it. Also, my Burberry SA suggested a Burberry gloss that goes so well with it if I decide to make my Orgueil even bolder. I will show you all what it looks like in a later swatch.

For the Holidays, I really can't make up my mind whether or not to wear a vampy or a red lip, and now I think I'll make the compromise and have me some Orgueil.

This retails for $48 and can be found at Guerlain counters in department stores and in Sephora.

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