Saturday, May 26, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection Purchases

Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

MAC has done it again with another big collection this summer called Hey, Sailor! It is a very vintage, nautical inspired collection. I have very mixed thoughts about this collection, so I thought I'd share it with you all in this specific blog post before I proceed with the product reviews (which will be coming later this weekend!).

All the products in this collection have special packaging, which is why all of the products are a $1 more. The boxes that they come in are navy blue and white stripes in different angles with the gold MAC imprint on them. The actual packaging have the same navy blue striping and gold MAC imprints. Some people think special packaging is tacky, but I found this really cute, and for someone who is a makeup collector, I am all about cute packaging!

I didn't personally go to the Hey, Sailor! preview event that they had 10 days before the store launch, but I was lucky enough to have a makeup artist show me the collection in private and try on the products before I pre-ordered them. And honestly, I was very underwhelmed, especially with the products that they release exclusively in the summer.

Let's start with the bronzers. My first look at them, I thought, "wow, these bronzers all look THE SAME to me". They were all yellow-based and looked muddy in the pan and I didn't even bother to check the product out myself to see the Prolongwear formula! There was only one bronzer that was different, which was Refined Golden, and it was the only one that actually shows up on my skin (but barely. I am normally an NC40 for MAC)! And the worst part.. It's a permanent color where I can buy the product for cheaper. Anyway, the Prolongwear formula feels so great on the skin. It applies on smooth and has a silky feel to it. I wish they would just make these permanent with a bigger variety of colors. For a woman of color like myself, bronzers are a must in my makeup collection, and I felt like MAC didn't really do a very good job in creating variety. For those people are fairer than me, these products could work for you, so do try them out!

What about those Suntints? I am a fan of lipbalm that comes in a tube since they are sanitary and I don't have to dip my finger in a pot. I'm going to the Philippines in July, and I was planning on buying one of these for my trip, but OH MY, these DO NOT moisturize AT ALL! I tried one and walked around for about 10 minutes at the mall and came back with my lips feeling dry! These are not even lip balms. They are more like bad versions of their lipglasses. If you want to try them just for the sake of trying, go ahead, but I really think these Suntints are ones you can definitely skip.

I really wanted to get one of the body oils, but I decided to skip on it as well since I'm not one to wear them when I go to the beach or just out in general. Frankly, it's one of those products I can live without because it's not like I want to draw attention to my legs or arms. Haha.

Let's talk lipsticks. If you don't know yet, I am a lipstick junkie. I pretty much buy at least one lipstick from every collection that MAC puts out (this year, anyway). They had a pretty good selection of colors this year with great formulation, but I only felt like only one was unique and the most underrated. The bright lipsticks (Red Racer and Sail La Vie) were the first ones to sell out on their website. I guess I saw that coming, but those colors, including Salute, were the lipsticks that you can easily dupe with drugstore alternative, or even something from their permanent line. I was really intrigued by To Catch a Sailor though!

I only got a few things that I felt were worth purchasing and were unique from what I already own.
1. MAC Crew Highlight Powder
2. MAC Fleet Fast Blush
3. MAC Riviera Life Lipglass
4. MAC Blessedly Rich Lipglass
5. MAC To Catch a Sailor Lipstick (coming soon)

Anyways, I hope this first impressions post help you all in exploring this collection this weekend. Go to your nearest MAC counter to check these products out yourself before they're gone! They are also holding a lot of MAC events this weekend where people can book appointments to get their makeup done by artists!

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